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At CMW Texas Flooring we believe in the the making over of the personality of a home or office space. We are looking to serve you with exceptional service that may exceed your expectations. Whether you are trying to achieve a classic or elegant traditional look for your home or office we are here to help. Call us for your Katy flooring installation today!

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We offer highly qualified flooring by skilled professionals who intend to make the first time their best! We specialize in installation repairs, restorations of solid hardwood floors and more. We CMW Texas Flooring invest time in beautiful flooring that is durable. No job is too small or large. We have years of experience with professional attitudes and we are pleased to help many in the community. At times there may be frustration when looking upon damaged floor foundations, yet our experts will quickly work in repairing and restoring your floors in time within budget. Although individual success is likely across entity’s there is always strength in relationships and trust within companies and the opportunity of long-term companionship. CMW Texas Flooring is built on quality service that best fits the needs of our customers.

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Whether you need services done to your personal business or perhaps a single room, we are here to help. Please contact us and we will assist you with a helping hand.


Please feel free to reach out and give us a call for your residential accomplishments. We are qualified members of CMW Texas flooring and we plan on making your thoughts into a reality.


Does your property need a repair? Our team is here to help fix problems quickly and dependably.